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Microburst Dispenser 6 Refills & Batteries

Hurry whilst stock last!!!! Once there gone there gone!!!!!

Microburst 3000 Air Care Frangrances

Innovative fragrances create an enviroment that reinforces the fact that the washroom is clean, hygienic and safe to use.


The Neutralle Microburst 3000 is the most effective odour  neutralizing and fragrancing system through its compact design and sophisticated  dispensing.
The compact dispenser, which is  35% smaller than other systems, and mini aerosol refills make  the system extremely easy to place and store.
State of the art programming technology  meets individual dispensing requirements, including selecting the  number of days to refill replacement and the hours of operation (8, 12, 16 or 24  hours, 5-7 days a week).
Breakthrough Microburst technology combines advanced refill  dispensing and fragrance formulation to deliver 3 times more odour  neutralising fragrance molecules that float longer and spread further.
Contains Microtrans, a proprietary odour neutralising  agent that eliminates odours rather than masking them.
Each Microburst 3000 aerosol refill reliably delivers  3,000 metered sprays.
Transform and eliminates unavoidable odours - creates  a clean, fresh environment.


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